Other custom sizes available upon request:

Mandatory truck or boat* delivery order: http://qualitasdistribution.com/oc3/index.php?route=product/product&path=117_118&product_id=63

Custom size block (minimum 10 cm (4 inches) or more; for less than 10 cm, see Fireproof panel)

Note: 4 X 16 X 24 inches (take half time to install than 4 X 8 X 16 inches)

FIREWALL 100 mm (4 inches) block: 3 hours

R: 4,4 by 10 cm (0.13 W/m.k = RSI-7,5758/meter): R = 0,44/cm

12 kg (26,43 pounds)

-More effective than interior insulation; avoiding the propagation of heat flows by thermal bridges.
-No sagging of the insulation.
-No weakening or deterioration of the insulation.
-3 times more resistant to fire than conventional cement blocks. Class A1, inorganic and non-combustible.
-More soundproofing.
-Easy to cut.
-Light, so faster to install.
-To reduce labor costs by 50% during installation.
-Great ventilation. Diffuse the water. Reduces the humidity of buildings. Absorbs and releases moisture. Prevent condensation and mildew.
-Non-toxic. And no toxic gas.
-Do not attract rodents and pests. And can not be damaged by them.
-Uses less mortar.

-Because of their porosity the blocks must be waterproofed with an inorganic stucco or covered (metalic sheet, photovoltaic panels, between 2 adjoining walls, etc.)
-Preserve any water coming.
-Install at least 15 cm above the ground.
- Rainy weather installation: Concrete is known to crack after installation, which can be avoided by reducing the strength of the mortar and ensuring that the blocks are dry during and after installation.
-More fragile when handling than conventional cement blocks.
-Fixings: the fragile nature of the blocks requires longer and thinner screws when mounting cabinets and wall hangings and drills suitable for wood or hammering. Special large diameter anchors (aircrete anchor) are available, but more expensive than common dowels

-Requires little energy to produce during all production cycles.
-Requires up to 5 times less materials.
-So up to 5 times less energy for manufacturing and transport because of its lightness.
-100% of the waste before autoclaving is recycled, and after autoclaving more than 90% is returned to the production cycle.
-4 times more insulating than concrete.
-Decoupage with little loss.
-50% less greenhouse gases.
-Reduces losses by 30% compared to conventional cement blocks.
-Sustainable material.

Mortar-glue: 1/8 of an inch


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Super fireproof 3 hours concrete block R4,4

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  • Product Code: P : 100 x H: 400 x L: 600 mm (4 x 16 x 24 pouces)
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